Northampton Coffee is located at 269 Pleasant Street in Northampton Massachusetts. We pride ourselves on serving only the very best single-origin coffees and espresso drinks, and serving our community since 2003.




In addition to coffee, we serve an extensive variety of full leaf teas and botanicals. We also serve homemade hot cocoa and chai tea, a variety of iced beverages, fresh squeezed orange juice and scratch baked pasties from our sister shop Tart Baking Company.



Coffee is our passion. It's the most fun, rewarding and uplifting thing we do. All of our coffee comes from family farms and coops is sustainably grown, equitably traded and then is expertly roasted at Barrington Coffee Roasting Company. Each day we offer a batch brewed coffees as well as a menu of coffees available by the cup on our steampunk machine.




Our little shop on Pleasant St. has always been focused on building and serving our neighborhood. From our early morning regulars to the commuters on their way to 91 to the afternoon "library" crowd our customers have made Northampton Coffee a warm and cozy destination.